The Spring Conference of The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers 2024
Guidance of application for presentation and Manuscript Submission

Application for presentation
Deadline : 23:59 PM March 1st (Fri), 2024
Modification / confirmation of the application

Deadline for modification/ confirmation: 23:59 PM March 1st (Fri), 2024
Those who applied for the presentation are asked to log in with the given registration numbers

受付番号 Number of acceptance:
A note of caution
An Email address is necessary to apply for the presentation.
投稿前にあらかじめ、講演論文の原稿を PDF 形式の電子ファイルでご用意ください。MS Word や TeX 等を用いて作成した原稿は、PDF 形式のファイルに変換のうえ投稿してください。
Submit your paper manuscript in PDF format. The manuscripts created in MS Word or TeX should be converted into PDF files.
  • 論文の段組、フォントなどの書式は講演論文執筆要領に従っている。
  • 図などはカラーでも構わない。但しファイルの大きさは3MB以内となっている。
  • ページ数は2ページ以上となっている。
  • 論文内容は全ての共著者および関係者の了解が取れ、著作権の侵害、名誉毀損の可能性がない。
No correction or cancellation after submission will be accepted. Make sure that your manuscript corresponds to the following points:
  • Specific format requirements such as those for column composing and fonts must follow the guidelines for the papers.
  • Figures can be made in color. The file size must be up to 3MB.
  • The document must be more than equals to 2 pages in length.
  • The contents of papers need to have granted permission from the coauthors and anybody involved without any possible copyright violation or defamation.
The accepted papers will be available for download on the website of the Japan Society of Naval Architectural Engineering from one week before the first day of the lecture. Please note that this day will be the publication date of the treatise.
It is recommended that after logging in, the procedure to apply for the presentation should be confirmed and the application contents should be prepared in a text file beforehand. The abstract of papers (about 300 Japanese characters / about 150 words English) must be made by copying the manuscripts that were created in advance and by pasting them to the form.
Open the file of the papers to be submitted on your PC. Check the requirements for submission, and link the file of the paper to be submitted by pressing the "(Choose file)" button among other files. Press "(Submit)", and the designated file will be sent (the time needed for sending will change depending on the file size). The application contents are shown in the final confirmation screen. Please check for any incorrect descriptions. The submission is completed by pushing the "完了 (Complete)" button.
After submission, a confirmation Email will be sent to the address filled in on the application form. An acceptance number will be given in the Email. Keep the backup copy of it by printing it out, as it may be required when checking or submitting papers. If there is no confirmation Email after one day has passed, contact the head office of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers.
Any checking or resubmitting of the files before the submission deadline can be done by logging in. Make sure the checking procedure is complete. No correction or cancellation is permitted after the deadline.
A notice of acceptance will be sent to applicants by Email about 2 weeks after the submission deadline. The accepted paper can be presented as the general presentations or in the Organized Sessions. There are cases where applicants who wish to make presentations in the Organized Sessions are not permitted to present as a matter of convenience of the program schedule. Those applicants, who have applied for the Organized Sessions and are not permitted to present, will be dealt with as applicants for the general presentations. A publication charge is required for non-members, who are eventually permitted to present as a general presentation. The details of the payment procedure will be instructed in the Email. In any cases, withdrawal or cancellation of the accepted paper are not allowed.
投稿した PDF ファイルに不具合があった場合には、後日事務局(または管理委託先の秋田活版印刷(株))より元ファイルの提出をお願いする場合がありますので、MS Word や TeX 等で作成した元の原稿ファイルは保管しておいてください。
In case there is any problem with the submitted PDF files, submission of the original file may later be required by our secretariat (or Akita Kappan Printing Co., Ltd, our management company). Please keep a backup of the original manuscript file created in MS Word or TeX.
Refer to our website for detailed information on Publication charges and participation fees.
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